Ringing Walmart’s Bell

It amuses me that a new ad from Walmart, which “does not carry music that has the ‘parental advisory’ label which warns parents about explicit lyrics,” . . .

. . . features Anita Ward’s “Ring My Bell”:

The song may not contain any “dirty words,” therefore avoiding an advisory label, but this ode to the female orgasm sure is explicit.


Sympathy for Lemmy

At first I thought Acura couldn’t afford the Stones’ version of “Sympathy for the Devil,” . . .

. . . but they bought the Stones’ own “She’s a Rainbow” for another ad in the same campaign:

I guess they agree with Motorhead‘s Lemmy, who said, “I thought we beat them. I thought we beat it to death. I mean, I like the Stones’ version, but I like ours better.”