No One Grunts Like Tom Hardy

Just announced, Taboo will be returning for a second season.


Double Dutch: From McDonald’s to McLaren

A highlight of last week’s episode of Hap and Leonard: The Two Bear Mambo was Leon and Clinton’s synchronized dance routine . . .

. . . to Frankie Smith‘s “Double Dutch Bus”:

I must admit I missed that song in 1981.

I was aware of Double Dutch, had seen girls doing it in the streets and in a contemporary ad for McDonald’s, always ready to cash in on Black culture to sell its burgers, in both the inner city and the suburbs that looked to the city to find out what was cool. . . .

. . . but I did not connect it with hip hop until a year or two later, when Malcolm McLaren, always ready to cash in on a new trend to sell records, released “Double Dutch.” Its video featured the Ebonettes jumping to South African music over hip hop beats, while McLaren narrated a capsule history of the trend:

(For a more complete history of double dutch and hip hop, I highly recommend this excellent Vice article.)

“Double Dutch” was the follow up single to McLaren’s “Buffalo Gals,” . . .

. . . which translated the traditional folk song . . .

. . . into hip hop, with McLaren acting as square dance caller. His mutated cover later inspired (and was sampled in) Neneh Cherry’s “Buffalo Stance”:

Damn, that’s a good song.