Smug Mugs

Watching the premiere of Penny Dreadful: City of Angels, I was reminded that Natalie Dormer may well have the best smirk . . .

. . . since Elvis Presley’s, . . .

. . . but far darker and more smug.

ps – were we not supposed to notice that Raul squeezed seven shots out of the six-shooter he picked up? Or was that part of the supernatural element of the show?

No Escape

I know that sci-fi is not really about the future, or even other worlds. I know that sci-fi uses those settings to extrapolate and exaggerate society’s current issues to speculate how they might play out. Don’t have to watch too many episodes of Black Mirror to know that.

I still wasn’t quite ready for this fake PSA in episode three of Counterpart (which originally appeared in 2018):