Lana Del Rey and the Kennedys

Nice choice of music for CNN’s docu-series American Dynasties: The Kennedys:

Lana Del Rey has invoked the Kennedy myth before . . .

. . . and the chosen song was her contribution to the soundtrack of The Great Gatsby, another story about how rich people “are different from you and me,” to quote the novel’s author, F. Scott Fitzgerald.

The song was also rendered in pseudo-1920s style by the Bryan Ferry Orchestra:


Cybersecurity Engineers by Day, Hackers by Night?

Was this intentional?  I certainly hope so.

The MarketWatch article claims data scientist is the “no. 1 job in America.” But to illustrate this story touting desk jockeys who mine consumer behavior to help large corporations exploit it, they used a picture of Elliot Alderson, . . .

. . . the depressed and outright delusional hero of Mr Robot who used his computer skills to bring down E Corp, AKA Evil Corp, the biggest of such corporations, whose logo just happens to evoke that of Enron:

“Time to shut them down.  Just a regular cybersecurity engineer, but I’m a vigilante hacker by night”