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My name is Mark Sullivan, and I’ll be your guide through this tour of the current pop music landscape.  I have long been a music collector geek.  However, I eventually became interested in the role all of that pop music played in my life and the lives of others.  So I started studying it a bit more formally, earning an MA in American Studies, with a specialty in popular culture, and a PhD in Public Communication.

Eventually, I switched sides of the desk and began to teach about popular culture as well.  I currently teach Mass Media and Society at Towson University and Modern Popular Culture at Walden University.  I have also taught various courses on the history of popular music at the Smithsonian Institution.   I continue to fritter away my time and money on music and other forms of popular culture.  But now it’s for research purposes.  Sure it is.

I am also editor and contributor for the site Sit Down/Listen Up, devoted to sitting down and listening to single albums without distractions.

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