Monolithic News

Last week, a Utah Department of Public Safety helicopter spotted a strange sight in the red rocks of southeast Utah.

This generated so much interest that the Utah Bureau of Land Management (the other BLM?) issued the following statement:

The helicopter’s official mission was to document the big horns in that remote area. That is sleepy work, counting sheep.

Someone Must Have Talked

Hey Man, Nice Shot

I do not watch sports. I especially don’t watch golf. However, even I found this impressive.

As Filter would say:

I sent this to my friend, Tim, who does play and watch golf. He pointed me to another hole-in-one and its celebration.

Damn, that hurt to watch, but he popped that ankle back in like it was nothing, and then kept playing.

Miley Covering Up

Obviously, my title does not refer to her stage attire, but her song choices.

Velvet Underground (though it was the Cowboy Junkies who popularized the VU’s 1969 arrangement of their classic song):



Hall & Oates:


And Miley is currently recording an album of Metallica covers.