Pat DiNizio (1955-2017)


Christine Keeler (1942-2017)

British showgirl Christine Keeler’s simultaneous affairs with the British war secretary and a Soviet military attache put her at the center of political scandal in the Cold War 1960s.

In 1989, the “Profumo Affair” was turned into the movie Scandal. Roland Gift, the singer for Fine Young Cannibals, had a small part in the film, but its theme was sung by Dusty Springfield, with the Pet Shop Boys:

Could that also be the theme of the current Russian scandal . . . at least for now?

Tommy Keene (1958-2017)

Such a shame! I knew Tommy slightly many years ago.

I first saw him during his brief stint in the legendary DC proto-punk band (The) Razz.

He then recorded a solo album (with the help of a couple of his former bandmates) of great power pop:

Not exactly sure when or how I got to know him personally, but I remember one night after a show at the University of Maryland when he, I and a female friend of mine drove aimlessly around DC and environs for hours, just talking. And he’d always greet me and chat about music on the few later occasions when we’d run into each other at a record store or a show (his or others’).

There was a time when everyone seemed to think Tommy would become a huge star, or at least as big a cult power pop artist as, say, Marshall Crenshaw, but it never quite happened.

Still, he has left a lot of good music behind.