MCOM 385: Mass Media and Society

Welcome to the temporary, remote home of Towson University’s MCOM 385: Mass Media and Society.

Well, here we are in this experiment of instant remote learning. This is uncharted territory for all of us and we are all working it out together. I hope we will all be patient with each other and ourselves as we move forward.

“Class” will now be conducted online. Each week I will be posting a series of posts about the assigned issues here, on my blog. I have decided to drop all of each week’s posts together to allow you to manage your own time and read them according to your own schedule. Although it is not required (and you will receive no extra points if you do so, or lose any if you do not), feel free to post comments. I don’t know about you, but I am going to miss our in-class discussions.

I will post the links in announcements on Blackboard as I put them up. I will also collect links to the class-related posts on this page, which I will use as a directory for the class. In addition, all of the class-related posts will be posted under the category MCOM 385, collected here:

As for anyone else who may have stumbled on this page, welcome. Feel free to stick around and audit the latter half of Towson University’s Mass Media and Society class.

Table of Contents:

Depiction of Race

Depiction of Violence

Depiction of Indecency

Ratings and Regulations

Concluding Remarks