Sisters and Misters

Yesterday’s post featured a bunch of songs by sisters. Here are a few songs about sisters:

When it did not work with the older sibling, Elvis just moved on to her little sister:

Beck wants them both:

It’s not entirely clear whether The Vulgar Boatmen are also trying to turn two into three or just watching (stalking?) “You and Your Sister” from afar:

In Chris Bell‘s similarly titled song, “your sister” does not approve of him . . .

. . . hinting at the sometimes complicated relationship between sisters, here played by Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen:

But it should always be “sisters before misters”:

With his Dirty Mind, is it really a surprise that Prince sings about getting with his own sister:

Not entirely sure whether Night Ranger is saying anything about sisters per se in this song about a girl coming of age . . .

. . . and Iggy Pop has moved on to the symbolic:

David Bowie dropped the sister connection entirely when he recycled the tune he and Carlos Alomar wrote to accompany Iggy’s lyrics:

Sisters Gonna Work It Out

In honor of the new album by the Haim sisters, three, or is it four, . . .

. . . here are some other rock sister acts:

Carnie Wilson, who played the Haims’ mother in the above sketch, and her sister Wendy are the Wilsons of Wilson Phillips, . . .

. . . no relation to Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart:

The Shaggs were (are?) Dot, Betty, Helen and soon Rachel Wiggin:

Before becoming one of the few female classic glam rockers (and Leather Tuscadero on Happy Days), Suzi Quatro was one of The Pleasure Seekers with her sisters Patti, Arlene and Nancy:

They were soon followed by June and Jean Millington in Fanny, who now label themselves the “Godmothers of Chick Rock”:

When June later left the band, she was replaced by Patti Quatro.

Ex-Pixie Kim Deal recruited her twin sister Kelley when a slot opened in The Breeders:

Australians Lisa and Jessica Origliasso are also twins and play trashy pop-rock as The Veronicas:

The Pierces, Allison and Catherine, have got a “Secret”:

There are also folkier sister acts like The Roches and Kate and Anna McGarrigle, as well as The Simon Sisters, Carly and Lucy:

Mimi Farina and her sister Joan Baez also sang together at times.

In R & B, there are The Staple Singers, The Pointer Sisters and, of course, Sister Sledge:

And before them all, there were pop and jazz singers like The Boswell Sisters, The Andrews Sisters, . . .

. . . The McGuire Sisters and The Lennon Sisters, all inducted into The Vocal Group Hall of Fame.

But not all sister stories end happily ever after.

At first, Alejandra and Claudia Deheza were quite harmonious in School of Seven Bells, . . .

. . . but Claudia left the neo-shoegaze band after their second album.

The official story is that ESG stands for Emerald, Sapphire  and Gold, the birth stones of Valerie and Renee, and the metal they hoped to earn. Along with Deborah, they were the Enterprising Scroggins Sisters. Their own recordings may not have sold very many copies, but they were heavily sampled — WhoSampled currently lists 480 songs that have sampled ESG’s “UFO” . . .

. . . — so often that they titled one EP “Sample Credits Don’t Pay Our Bills!“:

Estranged sister Deborah is now suing Valerie, Universal Music Group, ASCAP and Fire Records over unpaid royalties.

John Heard (1945-2017)

Addendum: I must admit that I hesitated to post this obit as I usually only feature people related to music, even if the connection is sometimes somewhat tenuous, and I was unaware of any such connection with John Heard. Turns out there is one. My friend Thom sent me a link to this documentary about the early days of rock ‘n’ roll narrated by Heard.