Steve Soto (1963-2018)


Good Vibrations

Turns out, “Electric Boogie” . . .

. . . is about a woman’s electric vibrator sliding, well, you know where.

Amusing anecdote, but what surprised me most about the story was learning that the song was written and originally recorded by Bunny Wailer . . .

. . . after a girlfriend told him he had been replaced by an appliance whose good vibration gave her such a “Love Sensation”:

Hang the DJ?

Allentown, Pennsylvania’s The Morning Call reports:

The man charged this week with strangling a young elementary school teacher in 1992 had built a thriving business as a DJ that put him regularly in front of children, and it was at an elementary school gig last month that detectives surreptitiously recovered one of the key pieces of evidence they used make an arrest — his chewed gum.

The Smiths reply:

Ringing Walmart’s Bell

It amuses me that a new ad from Walmart, which “does not carry music that has the ‘parental advisory’ label which warns parents about explicit lyrics,” . . .

. . . features Anita Ward’s “Ring My Bell”:

The song may not contain any “dirty words,” therefore avoiding an advisory label, but this ode to the female orgasm sure is explicit.