Ben L’Oncle Soul Is Feeling Good about Nina Simone

I Shazamed this song during last week’s episode of Bravo’s Imposters. I’d never heard of Ben L’Oncle Soul before but, damn, “Feeling Good” . . .

. . . sure sounded a lot like Nina Simone.

Turns out I was more right than I knew. Simone herself recorded the song in 1965:

I really need to dig a bit deeper than the two greatest hits compilations I have of her music. There are clearly a lot more gems in her catalog for me to mine.


Misunderstood Artists

For the last track on her recent album HoneymoonLana Del Rey covered the song “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”:

Because I came up through rock, I’ve always thought of the song as belonging to The Animals, who had a Top 20 hit with it in 1965:

However, I recently discovered that Nina Simone* released her own version a few months earlier on the 1964 album Broadway-Blues-Ballads:

This version was sampled by Lil Wayne and is featured in the new promo for J-Lo’s undercover cop series, Shades of Blue.

Santa Esmeralda released a disco version in 1977, which later ended up in Kill Bill:

Pete Townshend and Ronnie Lane, on the other hand, claim they want to be misunderstood:

Bonus track: Here’s a new live version of Natalie Prass‘s “My Baby Don’t Understand Me”:

* Del Rey also covered Simone’s “The Other Woman” on Ultraviolence.