Ben L’Oncle Soul Is Feeling Good about Nina Simone

I Shazamed this song during last week’s episode of Bravo’s Imposters. I’d never heard of Ben L’Oncle Soul before but, damn, “Feeling Good” . . .

. . . sure sounded a lot like Nina Simone.

Turns out I was more right than I knew. Simone herself recorded the song in 1965:

I really need to dig a bit deeper than the two greatest hits compilations I have of her music. There are clearly a lot more gems in her catalog for me to mine.


Dead Rock Stars Reincarnated on TV

Seems the cool new thing on cable TV is to name female characters after male cult rockers.

The co-lead on FX’s Legion shares a name with Pink Floyd’s acid casualty Syd Barrett:

And “Lenny” Cohen has been reincarnated on Bravo’s Imposters:

Can we expect a Bobby Dylan and/or a Johnny Lennon of an upcoming show?

Addendum — Tim reminded me that Forrest Gump‘s Jenny used the stage name Bobbi Dylan: