Furious One Charged with Murder

“It’s a jungle sometimes.”

One of legendary rap innovators Furious Five, Kidd Creole has been charged with murder, allegedly slipping over the edge and losing his head. Hip Hop Hall of Fame and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five are perhaps best known for the proto-conscious rap song “The Message”:

Of course, Kidd Creole did not rap on the original recording of that song. Only one of the Five, Melle Mel, appeared on the track along with session musician Duke Bootee, explaining their extra credit on the label. . . .

. . . though the other four performed it in concert after it became a hit.

Just to be clear, Nathaniel Glover, the rapper Kidd, two d’s, Creole, should not be mistaken for August Darnell, the Mutant Disco performer and producer Kid, one d, Creole, and neither should be confused with Elvis Presley, rocker King Creole in the movie of the same name.