Sisters and Misters

Yesterday’s post featured a bunch of songs by sisters. Here are a few songs about sisters:

When it did not work with the older sibling, Elvis just moved on to her little sister:

Beck wants them both:

It’s not entirely clear whether The Vulgar Boatmen are also trying to turn two into three or just watching (stalking?) “You and Your Sister” from afar:

In Chris Bell‘s similarly titled song, “your sister” does not approve of him . . .

. . . hinting at the sometimes complicated relationship between sisters, here played by Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen:

But it should always be “sisters before misters”:

With his Dirty Mind, is it really a surprise that Prince sings about getting with his own sister:

Not entirely sure whether Night Ranger is saying anything about sisters per se in this song about a girl coming of age . . .

. . . and Iggy Pop has moved on to the symbolic:

David Bowie dropped the sister connection entirely when he recycled the tune he and Carlos Alomar wrote to accompany Iggy’s lyrics: