“What’s a Velvet Underground?”

Understandably concerned about the demon Crowley’s (né Crawley, as in the serpent who tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden) driving 90 MPH through the streets of London, the angel Aziraphale suggests: “Music. . . . Why don’t I put on a little music?”

Not recognizing any of the bands in Crowley’s glove compartment, he asks: “What’s a Velvet Underground?”

Crowley states, “You wouldn’t like it.”

To which Aziraphale replies: “Oh, bebop.”

Of course, no serious music fan could let this sort of ignorance pass. Near the end of the episode, the demon returns to the angel’s miscategorization: “You know, if you lined up everyone in the whole world and asked them to describe the Velvet Underground, nobody, at all, would say bebop.”

As it turns out, Michael Sheen, who plays Aziraphale in Good Omens, knows the Velvet Underground very well. He even attended the October 9, 2018, opening of The Velvet Underground Experience in New York as the personal guest of his good friend, ex-Velvet Underground member John Cale:

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