It’s a Man’s Half-Time

So the guy who ripped off her clothes is forgiven, but the woman whose clothes he ripped off is shamed for life?

Yup, that’s a great way to issue in the “post-Weinstein era.” It’s still a man’s world.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally believe the Super Bowl 2004 halftime half-striptease show was staged — as any man who has struggled with a woman’s bra knows, they do not come apart so easily — but if one is forgiven, both should be.

We can, however, thank “nipplegate” for YouTube. It was Jawed Karim’s frustration over having missed the 9/16th of a second flash and not being able to find the video online that inspired him to co-create YouTube. Thanks to him and his partners, anyone can now see Janet Jackson’s right breast any time they want:


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