Is It Really Steely Dan without Walter Becker?

This week’s episode of Modern Family revolved around Phil and Claire trying to get errands done in time for a 3 pm concert by Steely Dan:

When Phil asked why it was so early, Claire responded, “They are not young men, Phil.”

They are not. In fact, co-founder Walter Becker died just last month. Which made that joke, indeed, the whole episode with its series of references to Steely Dan in concert seem like poor taste to me. Couldn’t they have simply dubbed in the name of another old band?

But when I clicked on Steely Dan’s official website, I was shocked to find that the band is indeed in the midst of a nationwide tour (though no afternoon shows). “They” are playing near me in a couple weeks, Baltimore on the 24th and National Harbor on the 25th. But wouldn’t these shows be more accurately credited to Donald Fagen, solo, . . .

. . .  or will he be touring with a “hologram” of Becker, like Tupac’s at Coachella 2012:


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