Cheese Samples at the Mall

My friend Tracy was deeply dismayed by my featuring the great Debbie Gibson song “Only in My Dreams.” Clearly, she does not recognize the appeal of cheese.

I’ll let Cartman respond for me:

I’ve written before about age largely liberating me from worries that others might not think my musical choices are “cool.” So I am free to enjoy a cheesy pop tune like “Call Me Maybe” without fear of being judged:

I’ve also written that many songs teenage-me once hated now make grown up-me smile. I was reminded again of this phenomenon last week when I got a nostalgic kick out of hearing King Harvest’s “Dancing in the Moonlight” in kinda cheesy The Hitman’s Bodyguard . . .

. . . even though I vividly remember quickly switching away every time it came on the car radio during one summer vacation with my family.

But neither of these explains my response to Debbie Gibson’s “Only in My Dreams” when I heard it again this week on the cheesy spoof Blood Drive. I liked that song when it first came out in 1987 and bought the album Out of the Blue to listen to it and the title track:

And even though they were often cast as Beatles vs. the Stones (Stones, all the way, baby!) rivals, amusingly spoofed in Sci-Fi’s cheesy movie Mega Python vs Gatoroid, . . .

. . . I also liked Tiffany’s Tommy James cover, . . .

. . . even though it does not come close to the original.

And then there’s Robin Sparkles’s more recent is-it-homage-or-is-it-spoof (it’s two, two, two songs in one) “Let’s Go to the Mall” on the often cheesy How I Met Your Mother:

So let’s all go to the mall for some cheese samples!

Speaking of cheese, whatever happened to Rebecca Black?


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