New Music: Around the World with Tinariwen

For a blog created to promote new music (see motto/mission statement above), I have certainly been focusing on a lot of old music lately. So this week I will be highlighting some more recent music I’ve been listening to.

I had heard of Mali’s Tinariwen, but I never actually heard their music before “Sastanàqqàm” from their new album, Elwan:

It reminded me of the Baltimore band Horse Lords:

Yes, I know it should be the other way around — Tinariwen has been around much longer than Horse Lords — but as I’ve discussed elsewhere, the order in which we discover works can be far more important to our personal perception than the order in which they were created, picking up on an observation Alan Warner made in his 33 1/2 book about the Tago Mago album by Can, a German band known for its “Ethnological Forgery Series” of recordings.

Horse Lords formed to play Can’s “Halleluhwah”:

But I’ve always thought they sound kind of like Los Angeles band Savage Republic, . . .

. . . who were also influenced by African music, specifically Arabic rhythms, bringing it full circle.

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