Mariah Carey: Another “Live” Performance, Another Lip Sync Fail

Mariah Carey performing last night in Times Square:

Two Januaries ago in Jamaica:

And a couple of weeks before that. Here’s what appeared on TV:

Here is the leaked live feed of her isolated live voice from that performance:

Carey actually apologized for that lip sync fail:

Today she no longer seems worried about disappointing her fans, just brushes it off and moves on:

I’m on record as not being particularly bothered by lip sync performances during energetic live concerts put on by performers known more for their spectacular shows than their voices. However, Carey has built her entire career around her voice, not her choreography, so I do see this as kind of a cheat.

So why does she keep performing “live” if she clearly does not, cannot? Wait, stupid question. For the money, of course.

So instead let’s ask, why do people keep hiring her to perform “live” if this is what they get:

ps — thanks Tracy for calling my attention to Carey’s “performance” last night.


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