A Bad Taste in My Ears

You know that GEICO ad where one raccoon insists another should try something awful he just tasted?

Well, I don’t want to be the only one with a bad taste in my ears, so let me share a video a friend (well, she was before she sent me this; thanks a lot, Vicky!) just sent me of Brian Wilson’s rap song, “Smart Girls”:

At first I thought (prayed?) it was a bad spoof, but no. Apparently this was recorded while Wilson was under the “care” of Eugene Landry (understandably, if this track is representative, Sire Records rejected the Sweet Insanity album containing it). Seems to me this would have made a great piece of evidence when the Wilson family wrestled legal control of Wilson away from Landry, which was the subject of the second half of last year’s biopic Love & Mercy:


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