Playboy Reaches for the Sky

Sky Ferreira is on the cover (actually two alternative covers) of the October 2016, “The Renegades Issue,” of Playboy . . . 


. . .  for which she also serves as “guest art director.” She is interviewed by Bruce Dern, who alternates between playing cheerleader and mentor, and photographed by longtime collaborator Sandy Kim. Among the photos is Ferreira dressed (undressed?) as a Playboy bunny, . . .


. . . just like her idol Debbie Harry once was:


This is my first glimpse at the new “non-nude” Playboy. More accurately, it should be described as “non-fully nude.” Side nudity and bare butts are shown, including Ferreira’s, cleavage is accentuated, but nipples are strategically covered, unless seen through a wet t-shirt, as is the pubic area.

In accentuating the tease of striptease, this somewhat arbitrary compromise between the titillation of “lad mags” and the explicitness of actual porn highlights yet again our culture’s ambivalence toward nudity and sex, an ambivalence Sky Ferreira herself confronted when she fully exposed her breasts on the cover of her album, Night Time, My Time. Of course, Capitol’s packaging carefully covered the nipples for in-store display, . . .sky

. . . just like Playboy now does.


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