Grimes and Hana Dancing Across Europe

While touring Europe, Grimes has produced and directed* seven — count ’em, seven — videos that comprise “The Acid Reign Chronicles,” featuring performances and music by her and her warm-up act and backing musician, Hana:

Far more productive than the stereotypical antics rock stars are expected to engage in during their down time.

Here are the individual videos, but without the brief interstitial material that wraps around them:

Grimes’s “Butterfly”:

Hana’s “Underwater”:

Grimes’s “World Princess”:

Hana’s “Chimera”:

Grimes’s “Scream,” featuring Aristophanes:

Hana’s “Avalanche”:

And Grimes’s “Belly of the Beast”:

All of the Grimes tracks can be found on her Art Angels album. All of Hana’s are on her self-titled EP.

* Shot by Grimes’s brother, Mac Boucher, on an iPhone — how long before that is touted in an iPhone ad?


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