New Greatest Hits Just Like the Old Greatest Hits

On November 11, 2016, in the ongoing trend to honor (or profit from the death of) David Bowie, Sony Legacy will release Legacy, . . .


. . . which sums up Bowie’s career in 40 songs.

Most of those songs are truly great, but 38 of the 40 songs appeared in exactly the same order just two years ago on Sony Legacy’s 2-CD edition of Nothing has changed.:


The new collection deletes two late period songs (“Love Is Lost” and “Sue (Or in a Season of Crime),” the latter one of just two previously non-LP tracks included to entice fans like me to buy yet another Bowie singles compilation) and adds three (radio edits of “Slow Burn” from Heathen, which was on the 58 track, 3-CD edition of Nothing has changed., along with “Lazarus” and “I Can’t Give Everything Away” from the Blackstar album released just two days before his death).  The mix of “Life  on Mars” is also supposed to be new.


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