Peripheral “Famous” Artists?

This morning MSN posted a listicle of “The Most Famous Band From Each State.”  Here are the factors considered:

As such, PrettyFamous accounted for the following factors in its Band Score:

The band’s number of Spotify followers
The band’s Wikipedia page views over the last 30 days
The Wikipedia page views of the band’s releases

Note: Because recent Wikipedia page views are taken into consideration, the results tend to favor bands who are popular now, or whose music has stood the test of time.

That last is a serious understatement.

I live just a few hundred yards from D.C. and have been following D.C. music my entire life. If you asked me who the “most famous band” from D.C. was, I’d say Minor Threat . . .

. . . or Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers . . .

. . . the premiere bands of D.C.’s two homegrown music genres, harDCore and go-go funk.

The listicle claims “the most famous band” in D.C. is Periphery. Who the hell is Periphery? According to their Wikipedia page (I’ve now added to their fame quotient), they are a progressive metal band, a genre that holds little to know interest for me, but still, can they possibly be more famous than Minor Threat or Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers?


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