Ain’t No Punk — addendum

In response to a recent post, indie filmmaker Jeff Krulik, co-creator of the legendary Heavy Metal Parking Lot, wrote:

“I interviewed Tex Rubinowitz for the documentary PUNK THE CAPITAL. It was a three and a half hour interview. . . .  Tex had a lot to say, including the fact that he was eating at Bethesda Tastee Diner with the Cramps after a Psyche Delly show and they were jawing back and forth and Tex claims to have pointed at Lux and said (which I believe): “You aint no punk you punk.”

“And however many months later, the rest is history.”

Check out Tex Rubinowitz’s “Hot Rod Man”:

And check out Heavy Metal Parking Lot and the Jeff Krulik Collection at the Special Collections and University Archives at his (and my) alma mater, University of Maryland.


One thought on “Ain’t No Punk — addendum

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