Big Spender

Sunday I saw my niece in Sweet Charity. They did as much as they could with the material, but wow, what an outdated play — do any of these teens even know who Norman Mailer was. or what taxi dancers were, for that matter? Overall, it is an uncritical depiction of the casual 1960s male chauvinism, if not outright misogyny, that Mad Men deconstructed.

It does contain one great song, though, “Big Spender.” Here’s the version from Bob Fosse’s film:

Peggy Lee had a hit with the song on the Easy Listening charts:

This is the recording sampled in Theophilus London’s “Big Spender” featuring A$AP Rocky.

The version I was most familiar with is the one Edie Adams sang in the Muriel Cigar commercials when I was a kid, back in those dark and smokey days when tobacco could still advertise on TV:

Somehow I missed Lana Del Rey singing the song in between verses by Smiler on his All I Know mixtape:

This is not the first song Del Rey has sung that is associated with Miss Peggy Lee. During her Endless Summer tour she covered “Why Don’t You Do Right”:

Of course, most of her young fans probably associate that song more with Jessica Rabbit (singing voice provided by Amy Irving):


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