Falling Down on the Job

I seem be falling down on my job. I’m supposed to be the guy my friends turn to for new music, but lately there have been a few glaring (or should that be blaring?) exceptions.

My friend Tim mentioned how much he liked “I Decide,” the new song by The Julie Ruin:

Great song, the chugging rhythm kind of reminds me of “I Believe,” one of my favorite Buzzcocks songs:

Of course, just about every Buzzcocks song is one of my favorite Buzzcocks songs.

But the point is that I did not know there was a new song by The Julie Ruin. I didn’t even know they were still a group.

So to save face I will turn Tim on to “Door” by Nice As Fuck (got that, Tim? listen below):

But I have to admit that I was turned on to Jenny Lewis’s entry into pop by another friend, Thom, publisher of the Sit Down/Listen Up blog. I was kind of surprised he liked such hook-filled pop, but he says he relates it to PiL’s sound:

I can hear that in the dub aesthetic, particularly in the way the drums echo, but it reminds me far more of Martin Hannett’s production of the much sampled ESG . . .

. . . especially on their opening track “Runaway”:

So thanks Tim and Thom for turning me on to these songs, and I will try to do better in the future.

ps — I should also acknowledge that my friend Vicky is very proud of herself for becoming aware of the current Miracle Legion reunion before me and her husband (even getting tickets for the two of them to see the original line-up in concert). However, I was never that big fan of them in the first place.


One thought on “Falling Down on the Job

  1. Yeah, you should really be ashamed of yourself. And then there was that time four years ago when I found Parquet Courts before you did….

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