16 thoughts on “Prince Rogers Nelson (1958-2016)

    • Also recently wrote specifically about this song, since a young writer talked about Sinead’s version and its endurance while getting everything about the original wrong.

      • Just read your piece. Quite nice, though I must say I still prefer Sinead O’Connor’s version. Although I did hear The Family’s version first, it did not leave a big impression on me, not nearly as much as The Time, Sheila E, Vanity 6, and other Prince-affiliated recordings. And O’Connor’s kinda creepy version seemed to capture the fraught nature of the relationship I was in when it came out.
        So, how deeply did you delve into the Minneapolis sound of the time? Ta Mara and the Seen? (Granted, produced by Jesse Johnson, not Prince.)

      • But also huge fan of what (in this genre) that Bill Laswell was able to do with Axiom (more danceable, etc..) and then there are old vinyls I have that sound like industrial noise, etc… by a band whose name I can’t recall…

      • EXACTLY. Bill did my whole collection a favor, the comps, the singles, remixes, I was there for all of it, and had arthur lived I think he too would have done so much more… we lost so many in those years…and many more didn’t make it for not fitting in

  1. I don’t begrudge people liking or even preferring Sinead’s version — quite the contrary, I loved Sinead, was happy Prince let her use it, but I probably prefer his version of it with Rosie Gaines best out of all. Still cheeky, delivered differently, etc…and LIVE which makes it transcendent. No other Minn sounds, although several of my friends are Minn DJs I get the sound, I do & love it…but aside from Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis… Prince did pop, I don’t really do pop, except great pop like his.

    My realm is the dance music, underground world, on most levels (although 80s folk, punk, etc…all in my wheelhouse along with Jazz) so for me…the prince produced AT THAT TIME were my go to. However in hindsight it easy to see that while we fought the Rick James fans at the time Mary Jane Girls were well above Vanity 6. So I’m conflicted coming this far and being a fan that long. I felt Family stood out, it isn’t perfect or even lasting, but the many times spent with that song, and that album place it above Sineads. Plus I’m a karaoke pimp, and just can’t listen or hear without all the people who “connected” to it trying to sing it badly staining its memory.

    So it is a highly complex & nuanced issue…I’d take Philly sound over Minn sound anyday too (mostly for how much it girded the NYC underground/Larry Levan sounds) but anything Prince Related or adjascent will hold a spot in my heart forever. Sorry in a rush if this makes no sense…will try to return later to be more cogent… and read more on your blog.

    • No need to apologize. You made perfect sense. But for the record, Prince did not need to allow O'Connor to cover it. Compulsory License allows anyone to cover anyone else's song (as long as they do not change it too much, which I will address in an upcoming post).
      From your description, I am guessing you are a fellow fan of Arthur Russell?

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