Finally Found It!

About two and a half years ago, in a very early post on this blog, I detailed a search inspired by Parquet Courts’ “Stoned and Starving”:

There was something about the song, especially the offhand delivery of the title in the refrain, that reminded me a whole lot of an older song lodged deep in my memory. I had fun sifting through a stack of great songs by The Individuals, Human Switchboard, Pavement, The Modern Lovers and even The Velvet Underground, but I just could not find the specific song I was looking for.

A passing reference on this past week’s episode of Fresh Off the Boat finally unlocked my memory. They didn’t play the song, but I immediately knew this was the song I had been searching for so long ago, “Come Out and Play (Keep ‘Em Separated)” by The Offspring:

Ironically, Parquet Courts actually sounds far more like some of the other bands I initially checked, especially Pavement, than The Offspring. However, it was definitely the casually dropped line, “keep ’em separated,” that my memory kept trying to place.


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