How Does This Old Guy Know about Young Thug?

In yesterday’s Mass Media and Society class, we were discussing whether we all relate to the same media in the same way, whether we even see or hear the same things. I asked, “Have you ever sung along with a song with a friend and suddenly realized you were singing completely different words, asked each other, ‘What song are you singing?’ Then you googled the lyrics and found out you were both wrong.

“And if you’re singing along with Young Thug, good luck.”

That got their attention. Several heads jerked up from their notebooks and computers, their poorly concealed phones. How does an old white guy like me even know who Young Thug is, much less that he often strings together seemingly random, and not always intelligible words and syllables in his songs?

I love that first double take of the semester.

By the way, that was not meant as a criticism. In fact, it is Young Thug’s strength, what Washington Post pop music critic Chris Richards calls his “post-verbal brilliance“:



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