New Shoegaze Same as the Old Shoegaze

I was talking about new music with a few of my students before class the other day, as I often do. One of them began to tell me about the band Title Fight.

She said they used to be more punk, but their latest album was shoegaze. She then began to very earnestly explain to me what this new trend was. I couldn’t help but laugh. I explained that, yes, I am very familiar with shoegaze. I pulled out my iPod and played her My Bloody Valentine.

She agreed that they sounded much like the new shoegaze bands (though I would have said the new shoegaze bands sound like them).

When I later listened to Title Fight’s Hyperview album — which is a very worthy addition to the shoegaze canon, by the way — I  decided they sounded even more like a few British bands who followed in MBV’s reverb, Lush, . . .

. . . Chapterhouse . . .

. . . and especially, Ride . . .

. . . and:

Of course, this also made me realize all of those bands broke up around the time she was born (and several have or are reforming for the 25th anniversaries of their classic albums). I certainly didn’t know, or much care about, music recorded before I was born when I was her age.



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