Halsey Creates a Mad World at Taco Bell

Taco Bell‘s new “Bacon Mall” spot . . .

. . . features a very nice new cover of “Mad World” by Halsey. Odd that she does not seem to mention it on either her Facebook or Twitter.

Of course, the original is by Tears for Fears . . .

. . . but I strongly prefer the version by Michael Andrews, featuring Gary Jules, on the Donnie Darko soundtrack


3 thoughts on “Halsey Creates a Mad World at Taco Bell

      • @societeanonymeinc, its nice to see someone else who appreciates the music or can use google properly. I don’t understand and this is not the first site I’ve seen it, but seems most people think Gary Jules did this song originally. I applaud you for keeping to the facts that this is in fact a Tears for Fears song who I think probably did the worst version of it and from what I’ve heard Halsey has the best version. I just wish we could hear a full Halsey version. Jasmine does a great rendition but its not even close to Halsey’s IMO.

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