Krautrock’s Influence: What’s in a Name?

Right now, the blog Sit Down/Listen Up is running a series on classic Krautrock albums, to which  I am contributing. Eventually it will feature a few newer bands whose sound has been influenced by the classic German bands. But the genre has also had another sort of influence:

The Mooney Suzuki combined the names of Malcolm Mooney and Damo Suzuki, the American and Japanese singers of the German band Can:

The UK post-punk band Moonshake took their name from a song from Can’s Future Days:

Apparently Moonshake has also been adopted by a group of San Diego house DJs for their club nights.

Musicians and media pranksters Negativland named themselves after a song on Neu!‘s first album and their record label, Seeland, after a song from their third, Neu! ’75:

None of this music sounds particularly like the bands they took their names from, though.


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