The Difference a Remix Makes

Andrew Weatherall began his music career as a DJ, but was soon also in demand as a remixer, especially after the massive success of his near total reconstruction of Primal Scream‘s “Loaded”:

For anyone skeptical of how much a remix can transform a track, just listen to the original, the Stones-wannabe “I’m Losing More Than I’ll Ever Know”:

Along with the “Club Mix” of Happy Mondays’ “Hallelujah,” co-produced by Weatherall and Paul Oakenfold, “Loaded” (and the Screamadelica album on which it appeared) helped define the new “Baggy” sound of indie bands who had simultaneously discovered ecstasy and funky beats.

Weatherall acknowledged his rock roots in the “Guitar Paradise Mix” of One Dove‘s “White Love”:

NME declared his remix of My Bloody Valentine‘s “Soon” #1 in its list of “The 50 Best Remixes Ever”:

I must admit that as much as I usually enjoy Weatherall’s remixes, I still prefer the original of this song.

Weatherall has also recorded his own music, teaming with Jagz Kooner and Gary Burns as Sabres of Paradise,* which recorded the amazing “Smokebelch II”:

This was the track that unlocked not just progressive house for me, but electronic dance music in general. (For an in depth review of Sabres’ grand anomaly, Haunted Dancehall, see my post at Sit Down/Listen Up.)

I’ve always wondered if the beat drop at 4:19 influenced Grimes’s “Genesis”:

When Sabres broke up, Kooner and Burns formed Aloof, which deserve to be known by any fan of indie R&B, . . .

. . . and Weatherall teamed with Keith Tenniswood, AKA Radioactive Man, in Two Lone Swordsmen. At first they embraced the sound of IDM, with distinct dub accents, but they later began adding more rock elements to the mix:

And now, Weatherall has a new album on the horizon.

* Just a guess, but I find it more likely the band’s name came from Lesley Blanch’s The Sabres of Paradise: Conquest and Vengeance in the Caucasus — between Sabres and Two Lone Swordsmen. Weatherall seems to relate to swashbucklers  — than the Haysi Fantayzee song, but Weatherall has included that band in his DJ sets.

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