The video for Play-N-Skillz‘s song “Literally I Can’t” . . .

. . . begins with the following disclaimer:

The following is a satirical video based on Sororities/Fraternities and the cliche ‘Literally I Can’t.’ This content is in no way to be interpreted as misogynistic or negative towards any groups of people. It is an art piece and it shall be taken as such.”

Literally, they do not understand the meaning of satire:




the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.” (from Google)

Satire does not mean “no offense, just kidding.” Good satire is offensive, but it is not kidding, more “fuck ’em” than “fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke.”

And true satirists never complain about criticism:

Poor Redfoo. People are telling him to “shut the fuck up!” Just like he tells the sorority sisters in the video.

How else could this video be interpreted than ridiculing women for not complying with male demands?

Literally, they do not understand the meaning of misogyny:




dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women.” (from Google)

Claims that the video is not misogynistic are about as believable as an “any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental” disclaimer at the beginning of a Law & Order episode.


One thought on “Satire?

  1. Except they are making fun of the people who go to parties and then act like they are too good to be there. The thought process is if you are going to come to a party only to act like you don’t want to be there why are you at the party.

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