Raymond “More Better Man” Woods (1940-2014)

More Better Man was legendary in the 1980s for the vintage soul music he played on WOL-AM. I rarely heard him, though. I was more interested in making my funk the p-funk at the time. Besides, I was generally at work the same time he was. In the ’90s, his format shifted to talk radio, which I didn’t listen to either.

However, for a very short period of time about a decade ago, More Better Man hosted a weekend morning oldies show on a small AM station that broadcast out of Cabin John Shopping Center in Potomac, Maryland. I was cashiering at the Giant Food there and he would usually stop in for a snack after his shift. If it wasn’t too crowded, we’d chat a bit about the ’50s R & B that I had come to appreciate so much by then (with a bit of help from my coworker, Catfish).

More Better Man was a really nice guy. I felt extremely flattered that this authority treated me like I actually knew what I was talking about. Unfortunately, the radio station was sold slightly thereafter and he and the oldies were gone.


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