Knocking on Heaven’s Door, again

The other day I saw the trailer for Blackhat.  Looks pretty cool; I’ve always enjoyed Michael Mann‘s hyper-stylized thrillers. My ears perked up when Bob Dylan’s “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” began to play:

I immediately recognized the performer as Antony and the Johnsons. You can’t mistake Antony Hegarty’s voice for anyone else’s. (Well, maybe Nina Simone’s at times.)

I thought this was a new recording, but it turns out I had heard Antony’s cover before, as it was featured in I’m Not There, Todd Haynes‘s idiosyncratic bio-pic where six different actors, male, female, black, white, play Bob Dylan at various stages of his mythic (which has a complex relationship with his factual) life:

But I never bought the soundtrack and somehow forgot about Antony’s cover. Glad I’ve now been reminded.

Antony also has a new film, Turning, a “music documentary” made with Charles Atlas:

Dylan has just released The Basement Tapes Complete, but more on that next week.


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