Having Your Cheesecake and Slicing It, Too

When I sent a link of Maddie & Tae‘s “Girl in a Country Song” to my former student Maggie, a (sadly, unrepentant) country music fan, I joked: “But why isn’t there a video with them singing it while wearing bikini tops and Daisy Dukes?”

Perhaps I spoke too soon:

While the second half offers an amusing reversal, the video is top loaded with models’ loaded tops, which kind of undercuts the song’s criticism of this sort of exploitation, a criticism Maggie endorses:

I actually do appreciate this quite a bit because country music is getting a little out of control with this stereotypical blonde, tan girl in a bikini top and ripped jeans. I mean really. All my days on the farm have taught me that bikini tops are absolutely not the appropriate attire. Especially when you’re throwing hay bales around. Although, according to country music, that’s what the boys are supposed to do and I had no business doing that in the first place anyway!”

But Maddie & Tae’s feminist message may turn out to be little more than a catchy novelty when there are plenty of female performers like Maggie Rose who are quite happy to be that “Girl In Your Truck Song”:


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