Iggy Sighting

It still amazes me that Iggy Pop has become so ubiquitous in TV ads. Here he is again, for Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum:

And this isn’t just Iggy, but The Stooges at their Fun House prime performing “T.V. Eye.”

The ad even contains footage from Midsummer Rock, an edited for TV version of the Cincinnati Summer Pop Festival, complete with bemused older commentators. In 1970, I tuned my black and white TV* in to see Grand Funk Railroad and Alice Cooper, but Iggy left the biggest impact on me by far as he strode along the shoulders of the crowd and smeared peanut butter on his chest:

My 15 year old ears were not at all ready for the Stooges’ music in 1970, but Iggy’s image excited, intrigued and stuck with me until punk led me back to him several years later. Still, I never thought I’d be hearing, much less seeing the Stooges in a TV ad.

As Mick Jagger quoted French poet, playwright, artist, filmmaker Jean Cocteau in the Rolling Stones’ Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction speech:

Americans are funny people. First you shock them, then they put you in a museum.”

Or put you in a TV ad.


* A couple years ago I acquired a grey market DVD of the show and was surprised to find Midsummer Rock had been broadcast in (very washed out) color.


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