Pump Me Up

I have no idea whose choice beat is featured in the Chase Freedom “At the Pumps” ad — I suspect it is an original composition — but Erin O’Reilly sure does look cute bopping to it:

And the pump reference gives me an excuse to go back and listen to one of the early masterpieces of cut and mix, M/A/R/R/S’s only release, “Pump Up the Volume”:

This is even more amazing when you remember that it was crafted long before digital sampling. It was put together with razors and tape — literally cut and mix. Wikipedia lists 30 different samples used in the song, and breaks down which appeared in which version (some artists protested their inclusion), many of which are collected here:

Being from DC (well, its suburbs), I am obligated to call special attention to the sample of “Pump Me Up” by Trouble Funk, my all time favorite go-go funk band:


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