Christmas (Wrecking) Balls

More or less as a gag gift, I made my niece a pair of Miley Cyrus “Wrecking Ball” ornaments for Christmas:


She immediately posted them to her Instagram page with the caption:

Best Christmas present EVER! I love my uncle so much!”

Silly me, I’ve been buying her expensive gifts all these years when I could have gotten by with less than 5 bucks in materials and ten minutes of being crafty (downloaded one of the many templates online, cut it out and glued it around the string of an ornament).

When I returned home after a lovely Christmas day at my niece’s (and brother and sister-in-law’s) house, I discovered Sondre Lerche had posted a late-night cover of Miley’s song as a Christmas gift to fans:

Lerche’s stark version reminded me of the stripped down (and I’m not just referring to what she wore) version Miley herself did of the song on SNL, . . .

. . . proof that she does not need gimmicks to sell her songs.


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