Home Alone with the Velvet Underground and Pizza

Macaulay Culkin and his friends have rewritten a bunch of Lou Reed and Velvet Underground* songs as odes to pizza and recorded them as a camp singalong medley:

This also serves as a timely reminder that the 45th anniversary edition of the VU’s second album, White Light White Heat, comes out this week, in both a double and triple disc edition:

The double features the album in both stereo and mono, along with a few assorted bonus tracks and mixes.  The “Super Deluxe Edition” adds a third disc with the first (official) release of the April 30, 1967, concert at the Gymnasium, the tape of which John Cale has been sitting on for decades, and a 56 page book featuring photos and interviews.  I’ve ordered mine.

* technically, “These Days” (here recast as “Cheese Days”) is a Jackson Browne song, but Nico was the first to record her then-lover’s song on the album she recorded just after she jumped (or was she pushed?) from the VU.


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