Moping in the Basement

I hadn’t thought about the one-hit wonder in years, but I woke up this afternoon with “Come On Down to My Boat” by Every Mother’s Son looping through my mind:

And right there on YouTube’s sidebar were several other blasts from my past:

Boyce & Hart wrote a number of great songs for the Monkees, but I was always a sucker for their own top ten hit, “Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight”:

“Bend Me Shape Me” by the American Breed was another favorite of mine:

I still find it bizarre that this mid-west pop band later morphed into the funk band Rufus, featuring Chaka Khan.

Finally, there was “Reflection of My Life” by Marmalade:

I used to lift the arm on my record changer so this single would play over and over as I sat in the basement feeling sorry for myself because my junior high crush did not know I was alive.  Of course, it might have helped if I had ever had the nerve to actually speak to her.


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