Mild Applause

You’d think Lady Gaga would be a fan of Oscar Wilde and embrace his statement in The Picture of Dorian Gray:

There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.”

She certainly followed that philosophy when exploiting her image in pursuit of The Fame.  However, she did not like the way her comeback single was talked about:

It seems Gaga just wants cheerleaders for her “Applause.”

I do tend to be a cheerleader here — why bring up an artist just to say they are not worth your time or mine?  So normally I would just ignore Artpop, but how could I let her challenge go by?

Gaga’s music has always owed a lot to Madonna’s.  But while Gaga once “expressed herself” in the manner of  Madonna’s early hits, Artpop seems more like one of Madonna’s post-Ray of Light albums.  Sure, those albums featured a few good songs, as does this, but Madonna herself seemed to be imitating Madonna, adding yet another stage to this simulacrum.

Artpop is not a bad album, it’s just not a very good one.  Who would have guessed an artist known for going to extremes would come up with such a banal album?


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