Taking a Walk on the Wild Side

His influence in the rock world is well documented, but artists in other genres have also taken a walk on the wild side with Lou Reed‘s music.

Marky Mark recorded “Wildside,” but A Tribe Called Quest also kicked it with a sample of Herbie Flowers’s distinctive bass line from Lou Reed’s only top-40 single:

Am I the only one bothered that the record on the turntable does not have RCA’s bright orange label?

BodyRockers unwrapped “The Gift” from the Velvet Underground for their “Handel on Your Face”:

It’s sad that more people don’t know about Spong’s EDM version of “Venus in Furs”:

Uffie sampled the Velvets’ “Rock & Roll” for the title track of her Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans album.

Although she sings her own updated girl group words over the sample, Reed received full writing credit:

And it was a very not nice experience dealing with him, I have to say. . . .  I don’t know what this guy’s problem is but on the credits I think it even says something like he wrote it. He gets everything. . . .  It was difficult but at least he let me use it. And I guess I should be goddamn thankful for that.”

I am.


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