Shaken Up Elvis

I heard Avila‘s version of the Elvis hit “All Shook Up” . . .

. . . in an ad for Trojans Lubricants.

Nice cover.  It made me think back to other artists who have shaken up Elvis songs.

Annette Peacock is not very well known, perhaps because her merging of jazz and avant garde is so idiosyncratic,  She has twice recorded Elvis songs.  First came “Love Me Tender” in 1972:

She returned to Elvis in 1978 with her vampy cover of “Don’t Be Cruel”:

John Cale‘s 1975 cover really accentuates the loneliness of “Heartbreak Hotel”:

Judy Nylon recorded with both John Cale and Brian Eno (she brought the record to Eno’s hospital room that inspired him to record Discreet Music and, by extension, pioneer “ambient music”), but she recorded her great 1982 solo album, Pal Judy, with Adrian Sherwood.  Her version of “Jailhouse Rock” was a highlight:

The movie Jailhouse Rock also featured my favorite Elvis tune of all, “(You’re So Square) Baby I Don’t Care,” here redone by Eno’s former bandmate, Bryan Ferry on his 1973 solo debut:


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