Sniffing Butts

I don’t interact much with my neighbors.  I nod and say hi when I bump into them, maybe talk about the weather if we happen to be in the elevator together, but that’s about it.  And since I keep odd hours, I don’t bump into them very often.

About a week or two ago, I walked off the elevator wearing this t-shirt:

My next door neighbor was standing there when the doors opened.  He complimented my shirt, but seemed a bit surprised by it.

A week or so later, we passed each other in the garage.  We started doing the usual nod, but he stopped, turned to me with a slightly puzzled look on his face and asked, “How do you know about Stones Throw?”

I told him I probably first became aware of the label through Nite Jewel‘s podcast for them . . .

. . . and her collaboration with Dâm-Funk (I was careful to pronounce it Dame to prove my bona fides) led me to his solo albums.  After I heard J Dilla‘s amazing Donuts I bought a few of his reissues on the label.

Even as I spewed this crap, I knew what I was really doing.  Like two dogs sniffing each other’s butts, this is how music fans get to know each other.  We throw out names and titles to mark our territories, simultaneously engaging in a subtle game of one-upmanship.

So of course, I wanted to finish by turning him on to something he’d like, but didn’t know.  I told him about Disclosure‘s recent BBC Essential Mix that opens with an homage to J-Dilla and a track by his band Slum Village:

He said he’d have to check it out.

I won.


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