Vanishing Point

I just learned that movie and TV director Richard C. Sarafian died last week.  I only ever saw one of his movies, but that was Vanishing Point.  The film really didn’t have much of a plot.  A guy named Kowalski races a car cross country on a bet, that’s it.  Oh, and a radio DJ broadcasts his journey over the airwaves, and warns him about roadblocks.  It was panned at the time, but Vanishing Point went on to become a cult classic, right up there with the equally existential car film Two-Lane Blacktop, which also came out in 1971.

Primal Scream recorded a complete album homage to the movie, also titled Vanishing Point.  The first single, “Kowalski,” samples DJ Super Soul’s narration from the movie.  For some unknown reason, the official video, scripted  by Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh and starring Kate Moss and Devon Aoki, has been blocked in the US, but here is a fan-made video that uses footage from the film:

I think I’ll have to watch Vanishing Point again this weekend.  Too bad I can’t see it at a drive-in, its natural habitat.

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