No Good

While preparing for an upcoming post on the continuing legacy of 99 Records, I’ve been re-listening to early ESG.  Depending upon the source, ESG stands for either Emerald, Sapphire and Gold or for the four Enterprising Scroggins Girls who formed the band along with conga player Tito Libran.   Martin Hannett produced their first single, which was released on the legendary British post-punk label, Factory Records.  My favorite song of theirs is “You’re No Good”;

Years later I found out about Harvey Averne‘s Latin soul song of the same title from years earlier:

Following a bizarre set of circumstances, minimalist composer Terry Riley created a 20 minute dance remix of the song for a Philadelphia disco:

Recently, About Group, a side project featuring members of Hot Chip, This Heat and Spring Heel Jack, went full meta by recording a 10 minute version of Riley’s looped remix of Averne’s original:


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