K-Pop, part 2

At the rate Korea cranks out boy and girl bands, the US and UK seem stuck moving in just one direction.  There are literally K-Pop schools where kids learn the moves to be stars like SHINee (don’t know if the Korean lyrics relate to the world’s greatest “Consulting Detective,” but the video looks more Scooby-Doo than Sherlock Holmes to me):

And Girls’ Generation:

From the reaction, you would have thought Miley Cyrus was the first young woman ever to shake her booty, but Kara premiered their “butt dance” in 2010:

Lee Hi sounds like a Korean Adele, well, maybe more Duffy:

One of my favorite K-pop songs is Gain‘s “Bloom.”  Its intro (and coda) of light piano and strings is so sappy and sentimental, but just after the two minute mark the song becomes a very sexy Prince-style rave up that is somewhat reminiscent of a sped up “Kiss”:

Gain is also a member of Brown Eyed Girls.  Their recent video is a complete remake of Kill Bill in seven minutes . . .

. . . bringing use full circle with an Asian (South Korean) take on Tarantino’s American take on Asian (mostly Japanese and Chinese, but some Korean) cinema.


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