Tag It!

Please pay attention.  We’ve got a lot to cover this week as I start to catch up on a bunch of my Shazam tags that have piled up.

Although Laura Sprengelmeyer was born in the US and lives in Montreal, her recording of “Lamb” as Little Scream sounds positively Icelandic.  It soars like one of Sigur Ros’s ethereal hymns, but with female (and intelligible) vocals:

Sleepy Sun offers a creepier droning psychedelic soundscape in “Acid Love”:

Dusted‘s “Pale Light” sounds like a lost ’70s Neil Young song:

Love Grenades offer a more upbeat dance track with “Tigers in the Fire”:

Let’s finish off with a “Stompa” by Serena Ryder which makes me think about what Adele or Duffy would sound like if she had listened to Memphis rock instead of Memphis Soul:



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