Are You Ready, Boots?

Kari Kimmel‘s cover of the classic “These Boots are Made for Walkin'” was featured in the season finale of Necessary Roughness:

Of course, the first and still definitive version of Lee Hazlewood’s best known song was Nancy Sinatra‘s . . .

. . . but the song has been recorded by many artists in many styles over the years.

A very young Nick Cave performed a punk take with the Boys Next Door, before they changed their name to The Birthday Party:

Lee Hazlewood himself declared Megadeth‘s heavy metal parody a “perversion of the original”:

The ska (not neo-ska) band Symarip sang the refrain as “these boots were made for stomping,” which made the song very popular with UK skinheads:

Miki and Paul Zone recorded a Hi-NRG disco version as Man 2 Man, featuring Jessica Williams:

This was actually their second take of the song, several years after their glam-punk version done as The Fast.

Chet Baker tried to cash in on the popularity of Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass, but his Mariachi Brass albums, one of which featured “Boots,” only revealed the terrible toll of drugs on the once-great jazz artist.  The Supremes filled out The Supremes A’ Go-Go with a cover of the song, one of the very few songs on the album for which Motown did not own the publishing.

Billy Ray Cyrus recorded the tune before losing the spotlight to his daughter, Miley.   Ex-Spice Girl Geri Halliwell and Boy George have both released the song as singles.

Jessica Simpson was pretty bad on the Dukes of Hazzard soundtrack . . .

. . . but she was not nearly as awful as Mrs Miller . . .

. . . a grandmother who recorded a whole album of “so bad they’re, well, still bad” versions of ’60s pop tunes called Mrs. Miller’s Greatest Hits.  The song’s writer must have been okay with her, though, as she performed a song (not “Boots”) in the campy ’60s teen flick The Cool Ones, for which Hazlewood supplied the soundtrack.  (Definitely check out the trashy, but great fun movie if you get a chance.  Roddy McDowall’s spoofy take on Phil Spector is hilarious.)

Very bizarre is this clip from the TV series Blackpool, which carried on the Dennis Potter tradition of actors breaking into surreal karaoke song and dance numbers in the middle of otherwise straight narratives:

The UK show won a Peabody award; its US remake, Viva Loughlin, was canceled after just two episodes.  I guess the US was not ready for those boots.


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